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This is what you need to start working with creating resin ornaments.

Epoxy resin: it is a two-component resin that is mixed before use. It is durable, transparent, and allows for creating pieces with a polished finish and without bubbles.

Pigments: they are used to add color to the resin and can be found in powder or liquid form.

Inclusions: they are used to give a decorative effect to the piece. They can be dry or natural flowers, pearls, stones, among others.

Molds: they are used to shape the piece and can be made of silicone or polyurethane.

Tools: they are used to mix, measure, pour, and work the resin, such as sticks, gloves, measuring cups.

Additives: they can be used to improve the characteristics of the resin, such as curing retarders, hardeners, etc.


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