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How to remove epoxy resin from hands.

It is common for a small spill to occur where it shouldn't. Fortunately, there are several simple solutions. You can remove epoxy resin from your hands with household products.

The most common solution: water and soap. In most cases, it will be sufficient to clean the affected area with a solution based on these two components to remove unwanted adhesive residue. Soak a cloth in warm water with soap and rub it on the skin until it is free of adhesive.

A natural remedy: vinegar. If the previous step is not enough, soak a cloth, cotton ball or paper towel with vinegar, and gently rub it on the epoxy residue until the resin softens and can be easily removed by hand. To maximize the effect, you can also apply a little baking soda to the affected area.

Citrus-based cleaners: lemon acidity. There are alcohol and citrus-based products on the market that can be useful in tasks such as removing epoxy resin from hands or other surfaces. To do this, apply a little cleaner on a cloth and rub it on the glue stain on the skin. Despite having natural ingredients, if you use one of these cleaners, it is advisable to wash the area with plenty of water after use, and apply moisturizer afterwards.


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