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How to combine epoxy resin and glass to create artworks.

To combine epoxy resin and glass to create artworks, you need to have some materials and follow some steps.


  • Transparent epoxy resin, which consists of two components: a resin and a hardener. You can buy it in craft stores or online.

  • Color pigments to dye the resin: You can use special dyes for resin, acrylic paints or mica powders.

  • Silicone or plastic molds to shape the resin pieces: You can use commercial molds or make them with recycled objects.

  • Glass, which can be transparent or translucent, and of different shapes and sizes: You can buy it in craft stores or online.

  • Tools to cut and decorate the glass, such as glass cutters, pliers, sandpaper, sponges, brushes, etc.

  • Oven to melt the glass: You can use an electric, gas or wood oven, depending on the type of glass you choose.


  1. Prepare the epoxy resin following the manufacturer’s instructions: Mix the two components in the right proportions and stir well until homogeneous. Add the pigments you want to give color to the resin.

  2. Pour the epoxy resin into the molds you have chosen for the resin pieces: You can make layers of different colors or create effects with sticks or blowtorches. Let the resin cure for the time indicated by the manufacturer, which may vary depending on the temperature and humidity.

  3. Unmold the resin pieces carefully and sand the edges if necessary: You can varnish them with a layer of transparent resin to give them more shine and protection.

  4. Prepare the glass by cutting the pieces you want to decorate the resin pieces: You can make geometric shapes, flowers, letters, etc.

  5. Decorate the glass pieces with the tools you prefer: You can paint them with glazes or slips, apply stamps or stickers, etc.

  6. Melt the glass pieces in the oven following the manufacturer’s instructions: The time and temperature will depend on the type of glass you use. Let the pieces cool down inside the oven before taking them out.

  7. Glue the glass pieces on the resin pieces with a resistant and suitable adhesive for both materials: You can place them as you like, covering the whole surface or just a part.

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